Tuesday, 3 January 2012

London made lovely (again)

You* live in London six years, you think you know it all. Yeah, you've made it home by bus from Acton to Limehouse in the early hours, been to hipster bars that barely exist, sample-saled your face off in scary warehouses. You're in on London's secrets and you're unnecessarily smug about it.
But then your* friend gives you the most adorable, most innocently written, most unpretentious book all about the city and you realise you're a bit of a twat. The best things about it aren't down the dark alleys, made valuable simply through their exclusivity. The best things are the parts, museums and buildings holding history, ever there - telling a story.
As The Ladybird Book of London says, "What could be better than a fine day at the Zoo, or the Zoological Gardens, to use the proper name?" What indeed.
It also notes St Paul's Cathedral was "designed by Sir Christopher Wren, and was finished in 1710".
Such a treasure - an inspired gift. My camera has taken bizarrely dreamy, soft focus pictures - strange but very fitting...

*By "you" I mean me. Or more specifically "I".
*By "your" friend I mean my friend, Cesca.